Meditating with a Wandering Mind

meditating with a wandering mind
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Meditation is often seen as sitting in the lotus position with your eyes closed and all those pesky thoughts in your head blissfully silenced.

However, many people are meditating with a wandering mind, unable to switch off intrusive thoughts.

First of all, as long as you feel comfortable, you can meditate in whatever position you choose – on a chair, on your sofa, in your bed, on the grass….

Next, we all know it is so much harder trying to suppress or avoid something. In fact, you can make it worse the harder you try.

For example, if I asked you to look around the room you are in now and NOT look at anything that is red, I bet you WILL look at everything that is red.

And if I asked you NOT to blink, yes, you guessed it, you WILL blink.

So, what to do about those annoying thoughts you can’t silence during meditation?

The answer is simple: accept them. Let them be. Don’t judge them or yourself.

And while you are meditating with a wandering mind, focus on your breathing and let those thoughts come and go.

If you are listening to a guided meditation, don’t be irritated by any unwanted thoughts creeping in.

It’s normal.

Silencing your monkey mind takes practice. After all, sitting there doing and thinking nothing is not as easy as everyone thinks 🙂

You can also try chanting mantras, if you are meditating on your own.

You will find, however, that despite your thoughts getting in the way at times, your meditation will have given you space and a break from rushing around.

The reality of meditation is being present in that moment, observing your breath, your senses, your body and even your random thoughts without judgement.

And while you keep practicing meditation, surrender to what is while gently offering your mind an alternative direction.

The more you practice, the easier it will become, but it will benefit you right from the start.

Need a guided audio meditation? Check out my Meditation for the Wandering Mind 🌝

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