Tarot Astrology: Venus In The Tarot

venus in the tarotThe journey through our solar system continues from Mercury to Venus.

Here you can see, which cards in the Tarot are linked to Venus, and how this planet‘s energy may influence and add to the meaning of each card.

Venus is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

No wonder it has been linked primarily to the Empress, who encompasses the typical Venus characteristics of love, nurture, affection, passion, indulgence and beauty.

The astrological glyph for Venus is depicted on the heart-shaped shield, and her flowery symbol is the rose (red, pink and white).

Learn more about Venus as her role of Roman goddess, and you will know more about the Empress, who embodies her.

Venus in astrology is ruler of Taurus and Libra, so we can see a connection to the Hierophant (Taurus) and Justice (Libra).

Some Venus aspects of the Hierophant are those of security, stability and aeasthetics.

Venus loves to be part of a family, a collective, surrounded by people who adore her, which is reflected in the pope-like figure of the Hierophant. There is little room for change as symbolised by the stone pillars and dominant figure preaching to his acolytes.

There is also a sense of vanity and arrogance surrounding the Hierophant – elaborate robes and rituals together with grandeur interiors (e.g. cathedrals) can be signs of guru-syndrome.

However, the Hierophant’s positive Venus link is his association to community, and the love, care and support it provides to its members.

As a ruler of Libra, Venus’s energy is also reflected in Justice. Her diplomatic abilities are mainly based on female charm, such as seduction and allure, which are meant to temper her masculine counterpart Mars, God of War (the Tower).

So, Libra reflects Venus’s drive to create harmony and balance, especially in relationships and at home.

Interpreting Justice with Venus in mind, consider making decisions based on feminine strengths and characteristics, especially when trying to alleviate disarray or damage caused by masculine traits.

How is Venus reflected in the pip cards? Here are some suggestions:

Four of Wands (Venus in Aries)

The RWS-based image depicts a couple celebrating under a flower canopy. There is celebration, joy, love and a sense of achievement.

Venus heralds good fortunes, which are reflected in this card. So far things have run smoothly, and all is set to continue this way.

More examples: turning a house into a home, a winning partnership, creative / artistic achievement

Two of Cups (Venus in Cancer)

Attraction, desire, confidence, harmony, cooperation, partnership, trust, emotional balance

Seven of Cups (Venus in Scorpio)

Desire of many things, especially those that give pleasure; creative imagination; flights of fancy; pursuit of beauty; artistic ambitions

In Roman mythology Venus also embodied victory and prosperity, traits which are embedded in the Five of Swords and Nine of Pentacles.

Even though the victory of the Five of Swords (Venus in Aquarius) seems hollow or indicates a lose-lose situation, the Venus energy offers a sense of benevolence and goodwill. Something good can emerge from this scenario despite despair or pessimism.

This card also shows how badly love can go wrong: love turned sour; a nasty break-up; control issues within a relationship; abuse; lack of empathy; the upper hand.

Nine of Pentacles (Venus in Virgo)

Luxury, beautiful surroundings, enjoying the riches of life, security, self-reliance, self-care, nurturing and bonding with animals / pets.


Take all the cards linked to Venus from your deck and explore the connections and similarities.

You can use the journaling sheets I have created by downloading them from my Tarot Astrology online course page.

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