The Planetary Spread with the Rosetta Tarot, Part 1

Rosetta Tarot,
The Rosetta Tarot © 2011 M.M. Meleen

Last week I received the magickal Rosetta Tarot in the post, and I’m very impressed with the stunningly vibrant images.

This self-published limited edition tarot deck by artist and author M.M. Meleen is based on Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot and the Golden Dawn tradition. 

Some images are very similar to those in the Thoth deck, but others vary a lot, and some images have even been given a modern, 21st century overhaul.

This isn’t a lengthy review of the Rosetta Tarot. Overall, I love this deck, and it has inspired me to create an 8-card planetary spread, which can be used as a condensed overview, ideal for general readings.

If you are interested in buying this deck, you will need to be quick, because only 777 copies have been printed, and I received number 520.

I would also recommend buying the companion book, the Book of Seshet, as it offers a wealth of information on the artwork and symbolism of the deck, astrological correspondences, an introduction to Qabalah and explores the Golden Dawn based tarot structure.

Planetary Spread

In ancient Greco-Roman astronomy five planets and two illuminaries (sun and moon also referred to as planets) were identified, which could all be seen with the naked eye:

Moon – Mercury – Venus – Sun – Mars – Jupiter – Saturn

It was also believed that the Earth was at the centre of the solar system, circled by the seven planets.

The planetary spread is based on this ancient model.

Each planet is associated with characteristics and psychological energies, which we all express in various forms and at different times.

In Tarot, the planets are linked to Major Arcana cards, which can already offer you an insight, what the individual planet is all about, and what the position in the spread refers to.

This spread doesn’t contain a future/outcome position. Instead, each card may reveal new information or confirm what you already know. It may also offer guidance on what action to take, perhaps even suggest future possibilities:

1. Earth

The self; present situation; your current role; how you express yourself; where you are right now; your reality; identity

2. Sun (The Sun)

Power source; what motivates you; energy levels, creative endeavours; level of contentment

3. Mars (The Tower)

Action; the male principle; what actions need to be taken; what needs to be confronted; power and control issues; leadership; what existing structures need to be broken up and rebuilt; in a relationship reading, this position can relate to the male (or male-orientated) partner

4. Venus (The Empress)

Love; the female principle; relationships; family; home life; what needs to be nurtured; sensual pleasures; health; in a relationship reading, this position can relate to the female (or female-orientated) partner

5. Jupiter (Wheel of Fortune)

Opportunities to look out for; things in your favour; changing circumstances; new experiences; growth, expansion; what helps you to reach a long-term goal or is necessary for survival

6. Mercury (The Magician)

Messages that clarify a situation; potential; communication; resources available; what needs changing; intention and goals; generating ideas

7.  Saturn (The World)

Opposition or teacher; obstacles, limitations and boundaries; what has been achieved and completed; lessons learned; what adversity have you overcome that has made you stronger; likewise, which apparent positive situations/people in your life can turn out to be a problem in the future

8. Moon (The High Priestess)

Feelings and emotions; how you have been feeling recently; moods; fears, insecurities; doubts; perceptions, what is hidden; intuition

How to read the Cards in this Spread

Shuffle the deck and arrange the cards face-down. Although the cards are placed in the numerical sequence of the spread, they can be read in any order.

If you do the reading for someone else, you could ask the querent to choose, which card to start with (whilst the cards are still lying face-down). This can give you an indication, what the querent’s subconscious priorities are or what concerns them most.

See this spread in action with the Rosetta Tarot in the follow-up post.

In the meantime, download the FREE planetary spread worksheet to do your own reading.

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