Some Things To Do In York

ghost walk in york

If you are planning to visit York, then why not try something different:

1. Go to a Vegan café/restaurant

El Piano is situated on Grape Lane right in the centre of York.

Here you will learn that Vegan and gluten free doesn’t have to mean bland and boring.

It’s Spanish food at its best, spicy, fragrant and generous portions.

I told you in my previous post, that I’m not too fond of the big brand coffee places, and at El Piano you are served a big jug full of properly brewed coffee for just £5. More than enough for two people.

But because El Piano is a vegan place, the milk served with your coffee isn’t cow’s milk. You can choose from a variety of different kinds of milk (including soya), but I recommend you try coconut milk.

Granted, a taste you need to get used to, but I discovered coconut milk as something quite delicious on its own.

2. Have Dinner at an Independent Italian Restaurant

It’s easy to go for the familiar Pizza Express, but why not go instead to a quirky little Italian restaurant called Il Paradiso Del Cibo on Walmgate.

Last time I went, the tiny place was packed and fully booked, but the owner managed to set up a table for us somehow. Fabulous food, great value and friendly staff.

3. A Ghost Walk

If you love all things spooky, and you’ve already visited the York Dungeon, then get yourself to the Shambles meet-up point for a ghost walk.

Be mesmerised by a delightfully creepy guide leading you from one haunted place to the next.

At £5 per person, it is great entertainment for the whole family.

York is packed full of eating places and offers a wide variety of entertainment, but it’s often the not so obvious, unassuming hole-in-the-wall that is worth checking out.

Next time you visit, what will be your exciting new discovery? A pretty independent boutique, cosy restaurant or wacky activity?

Whatever you do, there will always be new things to do in York.



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