The Benefits of Himalayan Salt Tea Light Holders

Himalayan Salt Tealight HolderHimalayan salt tea light holders improve air quality in our homes at low cost by turning positively ionized air into negatively ionized air.

But what exactly does this mean? An ion is an atom or group of atoms that carries a positive or a negative charge.

Computers, TVs, air conditioning, smoke etc. produce positive ionized air, which has a detrimental effect on our health.

A sign of positive ionized air is “stuffiness” and a tendency to suffer more often from colds and chronic respiratory ailments.

The gentle heat of a Himalayan salt tea light holder generates ions carrying a negative charge thus creating a climate we find in the mountains, around waterfalls, by the sea or after thunderstorms.

Breathing air saturated with negative ions has a highly beneficial effect on our health. The vibrations of all our body cells are harmonised and contribute to improving our body functions.

For decades the beneficial effect of negative ions in the treatment of many illnesses has been known, such as rheumatism, allergies, respiratory diseases, sleeplessness, migraine and high blood pressure.

Salt tea light holders can be an additional and natural treatment option for such disorders.

The colour of the Himalayan salt tea light holders reinforces the rejuvenating effect on our health as colours themselves have a healing influence.

Red stands for revitalization, orange for revival, yellow for positive thinking, white for the power of concentration, apricot to alleviate emotional disorders.

The salt crystal used in tea light holders come from salt mines where crystallised salt has been deposited more than 260 million years ago.

The tea light holders are produced in their country of origin, and each one is carefully shaped by hand from a single piece of salt crystal.

Himalayan salt tea light holders are best placed where a lot of electrical equipment is used, such as offices and living rooms, but they are also beneficial in bedrooms to aid sleep and relaxation.

Don’t keep salt lamps in bathrooms or outside as high moisture can damage the lamp due to the salt’s hygroscopic properties.

Should the tea light holder get wet, simply light a tea light in it immediately to dry it out naturally.

The warm glow of our salt tea light holders creates a cosy atmosphere and adds a healthy touch to your home.

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