The Fountain Tarot 1st Edition


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fountain tarotA gorgeously designed tarot deck and guidebook that focuses on creative inspiration, daily reflection, and revealing new possibilities.

The Fountain Tarot draws on tradition, but provides a modern voice and distinct approach that highlights our everyday lives as a source of insight, wisdom, and growth.

As a daily tool for reflection and a powerful vehicle for self-discovery, The Fountain Tarot reveals creative opportunities, awakens fresh viewpoints, and offers a new take on life’s possibilities.

Whether you’re selecting a card to set the tone for your day, invigorate your creative energy, or inspire you before your meditation or yoga practice, The Fountain Tarot helps open closed doors and reveal new paths.

In the companion guide book, writer Jason Gruhl teaches you how to read the cards and use them as a tool for introspection, empowerment, and connection.

Artwork: Jonathan Saiz

**** Display copy – excellent like new condition –non-returnable ****

This copy is the 1st edition self-published by the creators.


  • 79 silver-guilded cards
  • 110-page guide booklet
  • durable holographic shimmer box