Tarot Reader 2005 Annual Guide to News, Reviews, Tips and Techniques


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The Tarot Reader 2005 annual guide features dozens of articles from top tarot experts, including:

  • Mary K. Greer (Tarot Reversals)
  • Thalassa (Those Darn Court Cards)
  • Diane Wilkes (Tarot and Dreams)
  • Mark McElroy (Business Cards)
  • Corrine Kenner (Romance Readings)
  • and more!

While the Tarot Reader 2005 was published back in 2004, its contents is timeless and offers new ideas and inspiration on how to work with the cards.

You will find new takes on card interpretations, spreads, tarot history, deck reviews and more.

283 pages, paperback, b/w illustrations

Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide 2004

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