Chakra Gemstone Set


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chakra stonesChakra is the Sanskrit word for Wheel, and each stone of this set corresponds to one of the seven points on the body:

The Crown (violet)
Third Eye (indigo)
Throat (blue)
Heart (green)
Solar Plexus (yellow)
Sacral/Spleen (orange)
Root/Base (red)

Chakra balancing is an ancient form of crystal healing, and you can use this chakra gemstone kit by laying the stones on your body as shown on the enclosed diagram to meditate and visualize your desired healing effect.

You can also place the stones in the same order on your lower arm for the same purpose.

These Chakra stones would also make a colourful display on your mantelpiece and magical altar.

Use them when working with your Tarot or Angel cards to focus your thoughts and for balancing the energies surrounding you during your reading.

Ideal travel size.

This little boxed set also comes with a list of suggested gemstones for each chakra and an organza bag for storage.

Size of stones: approx. 15 – 18 mm

The stones in each Chakra gemstone set may vary slightly in colour and size.

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