5 Proven Ways To Become A Confident Tarot Reader

become a confident tarot readerMost aspiring tarot readers have the desire not only to read for themselves but other people too, and that requires a certain amount of confidence.

Often that confidence is hampered by self-doubt and other insecurities.

How can you overcome that nagging feeling inside of not being good enough?

Here are five steps you can take to become a confident tarot reader:

1. Learn to embrace the Tarot as a way of life.

For example, it’s early in the morning while I’m writing this, all is quiet, I’m savouring my first coffee of the day – feeling like the Nine of Cups and Queen of Wands all in one 🙂

How are you feeling right now? Which card/s spring to mind?

Connect the Tarot with your life, and all will start to fall into place.

For many students, this approach has led to a breakthrough in their studies. Learn to apply it in my Discovery Tarot Course.

2. Intuition – tune in by taking a couple of conscious breaths.

Listen to your inner voice. Pay attention of feelings and images coming up when drawing a card. First impressions are often meaningful. The more you tune into the image, the more will emerge.

3. Trust – You need to learn to trust your intuition and your inner knowing.

It’s all there inside you. Believe in yourself. Trust that whatever comes up in your head is meant to be.

4. Have the courage to leave your comfort zone behind.

When learning the Tarot, it’s new unknown territory. It’s normal to feel nervous (especially when you read for others), but it’s also exciting.

Be prepared for not getting it quite right sometimes. It’s all part of the learning and growth process.

5. Last but not least, be patient and persistent.

It takes regular practice to improve and deepen your skills. Although with basic knowledge of the Tarot you can quickly do simple one-card readings, mastery doesn’t happen overnight.

You can join online tarot study groups, and I would recommend smaller ones, where you can still get some personal support. Check out my free online community.

Enjoy the journey!

Warmest wishes,


Author: Christiane

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