The Aces in the Tarot of Quotes

aces in the tarot of quotesAces in the Tarot represent the purest energy and root of each suit.

Numerically, they are connected to the Magician (the symbols of the four suits are often displayed on the Magician’s table in traditional Rider Waite style images), which emphasizes their magickal power of potential.

Indeed, in the Book T publication by the Golden Dawn, three Aces drawn in a reading suggest riches and success, whereas four Aces indicate great power and force.

In readings, the Aces signify potential, a gift or an opportunity relating to their individual suits.

It is up to the person the Aces are drawn for to accept the gift, seize the opportunity or set out and fulfil the potential.

Aces are positive omens of change and new beginnings. They can be described as seeds in need to be sown and nurtured to be brought to fruition.

Astrologically, they have not been assigned each to a specific planet or zodiac, but according to Lon Milo DuQuette’s Understanding Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot as seeds they contain a mix of elements in order to have the ability to germinate and manifest.

The mix of elements is represented by the zodiac signs each Ace rules.

Ace of Wands – spark, inspiration, bright idea, natural force, rush of energy, creativity, ambition, aspiration, passion, imagination

Esoteric Title: The Root of the Powers of Fire

Astrological attribution: ruler of Cancer, Leo and Virgo

Interpretation: being inspired to turn a dream into reality; inspiring others, expressing yourself; nurturing your talent and creative skills, planning a new business venture; confidence; optimism, enthusiasm, eager to succeed, making an effort, going for it.

Image: the candle symbolises the divine spark, the inner light, the burst of energy, creativity and passion.

ace of cups tarot of quotesAce of Cups – love, intuition, pleasure, fertility, emotions, happiness, empathy

Esoteric Title: The Root of the Powers of Water

Astrological attribution: ruler of Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius

Interpretation: following your heart; expressing feelings, pouring your heart out; tuning in and developing psychic abilities; being receptive; following a hunch; possibility for new love or a relationship is growing; bonding with someone; being compassionate and showing empathy; forgiveness; radiating love.

Image: the fountain symbolises unconditional, perpetual/eternal love and the overflowing of love, feelings and emotions

ace of swords tarot of quotes

Ace of Swords – truth, knowledge, mental/intellectual force, clarity, adversity, justice, punishment, afflictions

Esoteric Title: Root of the Powers of Air

Astrological Attribution: ruler of Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces

Interpretation: exploring new knowledge; discovering the truth, gaining clarity; applying logic, reason and analytical skills; acting with integrity; fighting for justice and what is fair; being honest; overcoming obstacles; recognising illusions and the reality of a situation

Image: the upright sword symbolises clarity of mind, spiritual brightness, a whirling force for justice and truth.

ace of pentacles tarot of quotes

Ace of Pentacles – material gain, prosperity, growth, stability, power, nature, nurturing, establishing, working

Esoteric Title: The Root of the Power of Earth

Astrological Attribution: rules Aries, Taurus and Gemini

Interpretation: flourishing, efforts rewarded with material gain, tangible results, working with nature; being grounded and realistic; using common sense; building a secure base/support system; increasing assets; starting a regular job; looking after your health; nurturing family life; investing into a secure future.

Image: the open door to a hidden garden symbolises opportunity for new growth, a gateway to prosperity and stability; trust and good faith despite uncertainty of the unknown amidst the security of the surrounding walls.

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