22 Summer Journaling Prompts That Make Shift Happen

summer journaling prompts
*** Get creative with journaling printables and the Cosmic Faery Tarot ***

It has been a glorious summer so far here in the UK, and when it’s too hot to move, take the opportunity to relax out in nature with your journal and tarot deck for some chilled-out mindful moments.

It’s summer time and the living is easy, the perfect time to tame the mental clutter to clarify, simplify and create some inner peace.

One prompt a day, and you are on the way to make some powerful mindshifts happen without trying too hard.

Daily journaling can also reduce stress as insightful self-enquiry helps to stay focused, productive and on track of your goals and aspirations.

Journaling is also a great way to connect with the Tarot, so here are my favourite summer journaling prompts to explore with your favourite deck:

1. Who are you in this moment? Use court cards only to draw a card, and then draw up to two cards from the rest of your deck.

2. How can you change your response to something that is stressing you?

3. What can you do to help you accept something in your life that cannot be changed?

4. What are you inviting into your life with your actions?

5. What do you need to say ‘yes’ to more often?

6. What do you need to say ‘no’ to more often?

7. If you had to give this present moment a title, what would it be called?

8. Who or what are you taking for granted and is worth to be appreciated more?

9. What are you trying to control too much, and how can you start loosening your grip?

10. Where can you give yourself some extra space?

11. What is your superpower today?

12. What did you lose in the past that you are grateful for today?

13. Draw a card to recall a funny experience you had.

14. What is your intuition trying to tell you today?

15. How can you avoid distractions today?

16. How can you embody love today?

17. Look back where you were a year ago today. How far have you come?

18. What do you need to give yourself credit for?

19. A new chapter in your life is about to open. What will it be called?

20. What is the title of the current chapter about to be closed?

21. Love is…

22. Life is…

You can repeat these prompts and also add your own if you like.

creative journaling booklet summer A5Explore these questions in style with my latest summer-themed creative journaling printable kit, which includes my newest ebook Journal Yourself Happy.

Enjoy your summer of self-discovery!

Warmest wishes,


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