The Cosmic Journaling Oracle – Update

cosmic journaling oracle
Cosmic Journaling Oracle

Last week I received the printed version of my Cosmic Journaling Oracle deck, and I’m very pleased with the result!

Does the world need yet another set of oracle cards? I hear you ask Laughing

Well, it’s up to you to decide, but I have created this one to offer you something different:

  • The universal keywords on the cards all refer to one of the Major Arcana cards in the Tarot and are easy to make sense of (unlike card names such as The Hierophant). This way it should work well in readings whatever issue you’d like to explore.
  • The cards have been designed for you to create your own meanings and interpretation for each keyword. Journal about the cards to explore what each keyword means to you, so you can apply it in your readings (hence the word ‘Journaling’ in the name of the deck).
  • There will be a digital version available in addition to a very limited printed edition. With a digital copy of the deck you can print the images as often as you like for personal use – a reading copy on good quality heavy card stock (any kind of paper in quality and colour of your choice) as well as prints on paper to cut out and stick in your journal.
  • You can also use the digital images on your website, if you want to blog about them, use them for collages or other creative projects…
  • The pocket-size cards are cute and ideal to take with you on your travels, to the coffee shop, work, uni, etc…
  • I’m planning to create additional cards (for timing, astrology, etc…), which will be available as separate sets both digitally and in printed form, so you can add to the deck to build a comprehensive system as it suits you best.
  • You can even make card suggestions and request personalised cards.
  • This deck will compliment my Tarot of Quotes, which will be available as digital and printed copy in the same style (except the size of the tarot cards will be larger).

abundance cosmic journaling oracle digitalAs you can see above and in the gallery, the printed version has a black background and border.

However, the digital version will have a white background and a small black border.

The reason for this is to make this deck printer-friendly (won’t be using up all your black ink!) and also allow for the flexibility to choose the colour of paper you prefer.

With a digital copy it is also easier for me to offer you some free bonus cards as I create them. Oh the wonders and delights of the virtual world!

In the meantime, there are two copies available to buy at Cosmic Collection. Buy a printed copy, and you will also receive the digital edition for free, when it is available end of March 2016.

Watch out for my Facebook page competition to win a free printed copy!

If you have any questions regarding the Cosmic Journaling Oracle, please leave them in the comment box below, and I will answer them as soon as I can.

Any feedback or suggestions also very much appreciated!

Warmest wishes,



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