Tarot of Quotes

Judgement Detail, Tarot of QuotesThe Tarot of Quotes is a 78-card digital deck, and the printed version – the Cosmic Faery Tarot – can now be purchased here.

All the images are my own photography.

Copyright notice: 

You are free to download all the images I’ve created so far to use on your website, blogs, personal files etc. as long as you don’t alter them in any way. You can even use the images on your professional/commercial website / blog, include them with paid Tarot readings and in ebooks that are offered for free without asking for permission first. Again, please don’t alter/crop the images.

Please use copyright reference: Tarot of Quotes © Christiane Hayes

What you are NOT allowed to do:

  • Use the images to create merchandise for sale (e.g. greeting cards, prints, t-shirts, stationery etc.)
  • Use the images to make any kind of profit from them (e.g. paid downloads)

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You can read more about individual cards here: The FoolThe Magician, The High Priestess, The Empress, The Emperor, The HierophantThe Lovers, The Chariot, StrengthThe Hermit, Wheel of Fortune, JusticeThe Hanged ManDeathTemperanceThe DevilThe Tower, The Star, The Moon, The SunJudgement, The World

Minor Arcana Gallery

Court Card Gallery 

Here are the Major Arcana cards. Click on the thumbnail image to see the full size:

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