Temperance in the Tarot of Quotes

temperance in the tarot of quotesTemperance is one of my favourite cards in the Tarot.

It’s a card of balance, harmony and healing.

In the RWS deck, the angel shown is Archangel Michael, but in my image it’s the angel of the North, situated near Newcastle-upon-Tyne in the UK.

I took the photo on my recent summer holiday, and I must say that the angel is quite a wonderful and impressive monument when you stand right in front of it.

Astrologically, Temperance in the tarot is associated with Sagittarius, which symbolises the need to create the perfect mix of opposites to achieve harmonious balance and healing.

This skilful blending can be quite an art – intuitive, playful, experimenting, sometimes difficult to master. Hence Temperance is named Art in Aleister Crowley’s Thoth Tarot.

By blending opposites such as yin/yang, wants/needs, less/more, work/life, strengths/weaknesses, excess/abstinence, virtues/vices, we can achieve moderation, tolerance and compromises without losing out.

Temperance in the tarot embodies a harmonious healing balance of mind, body and spirit; it is also a part of the transformational process.

What opposites in your life or within yourself do you need to blend in order to create harmony?

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