The Cosmic Faery Tarot Major Arcana Special Edition

cosmic faery tarot major arcana special editionA milestone has been reached in the development of my own Tarot deck. It started off as the Tarot of Quotes and evolved into the Cosmic Faery Tarot.

The Major Arcana is now available to buy as a special edition with two bonus cards:

The Cosmic Cat

This card depicts my little familiar of 14 years, who now resides in the spirit world.

I sometimes see her from the corner of my eye in the house or in the garden at her favourite spots, and I know that she is still around.

cosmic faery tarot major arcana bonus cardsWhen this card comes up in a reading, it indicates that a loved one (person or pet), who has passed on, is still watching over you.

They may want you to know something important, so you can pull an extra card to see what message they want to convey.

The Cosmic Cat may also represent your spirit guide or guardian angel, so do pay attention to what they are trying to say to you.

The Happy Bunny

Whatever challenges or strife you are currently battling with, the Happy Bunny indicates that all will be well in the end.

Despite your worries, fears and insecurities, don’t forget to enjoy the little and simple things around you that can lift your spirits even in the darkest of times.

Life can be short, the future is unknown, so make the most of what you have in the present.

The Happy Bunny may also ask you to be vigilant. Protect yourself by not being too trusting and apply some healthy scepticism. You will be alright as long as you keep your eyes open to any harm that may just lurk around the corner.

I hope you enjoy using these two additional cards in your readings. Please do feel free to add your own interpretations to these cards.

For more information on the deck and to buy, please click here.

Warmest wishes,


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22 Signs You Are A Professional Tarot Reader

leadership cosmic journaling oracle
Cosmic Journaling Oracle

There are many Tarot readers out there advertising and charging for their services, but are they true professionals?

If you are thinking of starting your own Tarot business, you can use this checklist based on the Major Arcana to find out what it takes to be a professional Tarot Reader:

0. The Fool

You never assume anything and treat each reading like a blank sheet of paper. You know nothing about your client, looks can be deceiving, and you are open to all possibilities.

1. The Magician

Before you carry out the reading, you communicate clearly with your client about how much you charge and the type of reading you provide.

2. The High Priestess

When interpreting the cards, you trust your intuition. You listen carefully to what your client has to say and observe body language. You may even have had some formal training in counselling.

3. The Empress

You nurture your clients by making them feel comfortable and giving them your full attention and compassion.

4. The Emperor

You are clear about your boundaries and stay in control of the reading. You are not pressured into answering questions you feel uncomfortable about, e.g. financial advice, pregnancy, medical conditions etc.

5. The Hierophant

Rather than being set in your ways, you are open to learning more and enhance your skills. You may be familiar with the cards, but there is always something new to discover. You enjoy using different decks, read new books and articles on Tarot to avoid stagnation.

6. The Lovers

You strive to encourage your clients to make their own choices based on love and knowledge.

7. The Chariot

Difficult readings can be a challenge, but you persevere and do the best you can. Most of the time you will succeed. Occasionally, you will need to bow out gracefully. Learn from it and move on.

8. Strength

You empower your clients with gentle guidance and kindness.

9. The Hermit

You take regular breaks to renew your energy and declutter your mind. Never do readings when pre-occupied with your own personal issues, and keep all information shared by your client as strictly confidential.

10. The Wheel of Fortune

You remind your client that nothing is set in stone, and luck can change at any moment, especially when “big” questions are asked, such as “Will I ever find my soulmate / twin flame, get married and have children?”

11. Justice

Make sure you are “legal”. Register with the tax office as self-employed and arrange public liability insurance cover, if you work in public places or offer readings at your home. It is also useful to list some basic Terms & Conditions that cover issues such as refunds, cancellations etc.

12. The Hanged Man

You offer your clients different perspectives on their issue, so they can move forward rather than live in denial or ignorance.

13. Death

When this card comes up in a reading, you won’t be telling your client that s/he (or a loved one) is about to die.

healing cosmic journaling oracle
Cosmic Journaling Oracle

14. Temperance

You aim to offer readings that are healing, based on a balanced mix of offering choices, illuminating what is hidden, highlighting opportunities and exploring future possibilities.

15. The Devil

You avoid being tempted to manipulate your client into making decisions or choices you think are right for them.

16. The Tower

Rather than letting negative feedback destroy your confidence and trust in your abilities, you use it to learn and grow. Be objective: was the client ready for your message? Did they resist change? Or were you trying to dazzle them with some dubious statements or predictions you “saw” in the cards?

17. The Star

Your highest intention is to give hope and offer inspiration to your clients even at the darkest of times. Occasionally, you will encounter very sad and tragic stories, and you will have to draw on your innate ability to be a guiding light towards healing, renewal and a new purpose.

18. The Moon

You help your clients face and overcome their insecurities and fears.

19. The Sun

You aim to raise your client’s confidence and optimism.

20. Judgement

Never judge your client or people that come up in a reading. Remember you only hear one side of the story.

change cosmic journaling oracle
Cosmic Journaling Oracle

21. The World

You have come a long way, have found your niche and established a reputation. But you also know it is time to expand your horizons and take your skills and experience to the next level. New networks, ideas and projects will offer you new opportunities for growth and fulfilment.

Where are you on your journey? I’d love to hear from you.

Warmest wishes,


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The Crystal Tarot Deck Review

Crystal Tarot deck
The Crystal Tarot © Philip Permutt & CICO Books 2010

If you are using crystals in your spiritual practice and would like to combine them with Tarot, then the Crystal Tarot deck by Philip Permutt is ideal for this purpose.

The cards have wonderfully sparkly vibes radiating from the colours and images. Each card depicts a crystal together with the traditional Tarot image. For example, we see Moonstones at the feet of the High Priestess and pink Tourmaline with the Ace of Swords.

The small companion book provides the basic information for each card and its chosen crystal. It also offers a brief introduction to Tarot crystal meditation, includes Chakra correspondences with each card and also includes two spreads.

The pip cards in the Minor Arcana are non-illustrated, which doesn’t make this an ideal beginners’ deck. But if you would like to learn more about using crystals in your Tarot work, then this deck is a very useful tool for that.

I’ve listed below the Major Arcana cards and their corresponding crystals as suggested in this deck.

The crystals in brackets are alternatives based on the Golden Dawn correspondences; use the crystal that you feel more comfortable with, works for you better or is available to you; some crystals mentioned seem to be rare and difficult to get hold of.

Fool – Tourmaline (Tourmaline, Turquoise)

Magician – Labradorite (Citrine)

High Priestess – Moonstone (Pearl, Labradorite)

Empress – Emerald (Emerald, Rose Quartz)

Emperor – Ruby (Ruby)

Hierophant – Herkimer Diamond (Topaz, Lapis Lazuli)

Lovers – Rose Quartz (Blue Lace Agate)

Chariot – Obsidian (Amber)

Strength – Citrine (Tiger’s Eye)

Hermit – Peridot (Peridot)

Wheel of Fortune – Amethyst (Sapphire)

Justice – Jade (Jade, Emerald)

Hanged Man – Aquamarine (Aquamarine)

Death – Crocoite (Bloodstone)

Temperance – Red Garnet (Amethyst)

Devil – Smoky Quartz (Jet, Obsidian)

Tower – Titanium Quartz (Garnet)

Star – Lapis Lazuli (Clear Quartz Crystal)

Moon – Selenite (Moonstone, Opal)

Sun – Imperial Topaz (Herkimer Diamond)

Judgement – Fire Opal (Malachite)

World – Clear Quartz Crystal (Onyx)


Crystal Tarot StrengthI have drawn a card from this deck to sum up the inherent quality and energy of this deck, and I pulled Strength:

Based on the book’s interpretation of this card, the Crystal Tarot may be especially helpful when at a crossroads and trying to make sense of the possibilities and opportunities available. Messages received from this deck will offer confidence, encouragement and illuminate the need for balance and show how to achieve it.

Luckily, I have both Citrine and Tiger’s Eye in my crystal collection, but I don’t see the need to purchase all the crystals suggested in order to read with this deck.

You can buy crystals that are linked to your birth cards, e.g. persona, personality and year card.

You can also obtain crystals for those cards you use more often for spells, magick and path working.

Overall, this delightful deck with its gentle images can be used without crystals if necessary. The naive-style artwork of the cards will also no doubt speak to children, who show an interest in the Tarot.

I managed to get the Crystal Tarot from Amazon UK for less than a Fiver; if you live outside the UK, try the Book Depository (they ship worldwide and are often cheaper than Amazon).

Warmest wishes,



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The Lovers in Tarot of Quotes

The Lovers in the Tarot of QuotesThere are thousands of love quotes out there, but none of them sums up the true essence of love, because nobody really knows what it is. Is it passion? Desire? Attraction? Lust? Devotion? Attachment? Madness?

When I chose the quote for the Lovers in the Tarot of Quotes, I wanted it to reflect the image. Doesn’t the woolly couple look like soul mates?

Shakespeare’s quote “Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind, And therefore is winged Cupid painted blind” reflects the Lovers’ attribution to the element Air, which is associated with intellect, logic, reason and life’s challenges.

Challenges…yes…We all have our own love stories to tell, which will have generated a multitude of feelings and emotions, from happiness and elation to tragedy and sadness.

Everyone experiences love in various and different ways, and my image of the Lovers reflects love as caring, nurturing, unconditional, protecting, trusting, comforting and enriching.

But we also know that there is a dark side to love, and we may see a hint of it in this cosy image – restricting, clingy, needy, possessive, dependent.

The astrological association of the Lovers with Gemini suggests the need for balance between the heart and the mind, freedom and commitment, trust and knowledge.

Two bodies sharing one soul suggests lack of individuality, conflict and choices to be made, when one of them wants to break out of the cosy union.

“To be wise and love exceeds man’s might.” W. Shakespeare

Love can be precarious, but let’s not be cynical. Let’s just enjoy the heart-warming image of two loving sheep in the Yorkshire Dales.

You can see more images of the Tarot of Quotes in the Gallery.


Warmest wishes,



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Tarot of Quotes: The Devil

The Devil Tarot of QuotesThe latest addition to my Tarot of Quotes deck is the Devil.

Here we see a demon-like creature trapped behind metal bars. With a little effort, he could escape through the gap of the spikes.

The creature isn’t a particularly pretty one to look at. The idea behind this is that dependency, negative thinking, self-sabotage, complacency, apathy and materialism can suppress our potential, soulful purpose and indeed true beauty on a spiritual level. This isn’t about physical beauty; the most attractive person can be emotionally and spiritually empty and shallow; the physical beauty hiding an ugly soul lacking spirit.

Here we see the reverse; a creature, ugly on the outside, whose inner beauty needs to be revealed and shine.

The Devil reminds us that we can easily become slaves and trapped in a situation we’d rather not be in but are too complacent or even comfortable to leave behind. This can be a relationship you put up with, because a split would be too much of an upheaval on a material level, or you stay “because of the kids”.

You could be stuck in a job that bores your brains out, or doesn’t offer you the career progression you deserve, but you stay, because it pays your bills and perhaps even provides you with the material luxuries you think you cannot live without.

Maybe you are addicted to something – alcohol, drugs, sex, food – are obsessed with someone or something, and on top of it with negative thoughts like “I can’t…” and “It’s impossible…” you put even more obstacles in your way.

Over time, this situation can make you look somewhat unattractive; you smile less, look stressed, worn out, depressed…It happens gradually over time, and you may not realise it.

When this card comes up in a reading, you need to acknowledge that you let your inner Devil take over your life, and now it’s time to regain control and momentum to escape from your trap and move on into a new direction.

How do you do that?

You need to be aware that it can be uncomfortable, painful and an upheaval, but as long as you are clear about what you really want, then you can develop the determination and endurance to persevere along your new path ahead.

Start saying “I can…” and “I will…”.

When you can say “Whatever happens, it will be worth it”, you are on your way to a new adventure.

Life should be fun and an adventure. And making you feel more alive, it needs to be a little risky at times, don’t you think?  Wink

Where do you feel trapped in your life right now? What are the reasons? What negative thoughts are holding you back?  

Warmest wishes,



If you feel stuck and are wondering about how to resolve your situation and move forward, then a Tarot reading may help. Email readings start from just £5.

More images of my Tarot deck can be found in the Gallery.

For more insight on the Sun and all other Tarot cards, please check out my ebook Empowering Messages from the Tarot.

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Tarot Symbolism

Each of the 78 scenic images of the RWS  (Rider Waite Smith) Tarot deck contain a number of symbols. When familiar with their meanings and possible interpretations, it is easier to “read” and interpret the cards.

Major Arcana Symbols:


0 – The Fool

White rose in hand – the soul, the heart, love. White = purity, innocence

Bundle on stick – provisions, potential, possessions (not much = flexible, light, independent). Stick = wand

Sun/Sky – blue, sunny, warm; the right time to travel, make a move

Mountains – obstacles, problems, difficulties in the far distance

Cliff – pitfall

Dog – instinct, spirit guide, warning from the intellect or playfulness

Orange – zest for life, energy

Yellow – Air, thoughts

Eagle’s head on bag – soaring spirit

Fool’s Posture – open, receptive, trusting, happy-go-lucky,  facing left (yin, feminine, unconscious)

1 – The Magician

Lemniscate above his head – symbol of eternity;  infinite potential, connection with universal principles

Red/White clothing – Alchemy; alchemical process catalyst for change

Red roses – passion

White lilies – purity, higher spirit

Objects on the table – 4 elements (4 Minor Arcana suits); possibilities, choices, potential

Garden – nature’s sacred space; emotional and creative power

Magician’s Posture – As above so below; making something real; manifesting spirit force by connecting heaven and earth.

Wand – lightning rod; energy

2 – The High Priestess

White gown – purity

Headdress – three aspects of the moon (symbol of the Egyptian goddess Isis)

Equal-armed cross – uniting masculine and feminine powers

High Priestess’s Posture – right hand of power is hidden; left hand holding the Tora, Jewish book of law/5 books of Moses

Veil – something hidden, the unconscious/hidden knowledge

Water behind the veil – unconscious, intuition, mysteries

Pomegranates on veil – fruit of the Underworld, a connection to the myth of Persephone, who spent a third of her life in the Underworld with Hades, because she ate the seeds of the Pomegranate

Palm trees – ability to create through action (fanning), masculine, assertive energy

Columns – entrance to King Solomon’s Temple of Wisdom, Hebrew temple in Jerusalem

B and J – Boaz and Jakin, names of the two  main pillars of King Solomon’s temple

Black and white – opposites, night and day, yin and yang

Lunar crescent –  beginning of esoteric cycle

3 – The Empress

Empress’s Posture – comfort, luxury

Sceptre in right hand – taking the lead, creatrive energy

Gown – pomegranates; link with High Priestess, two aspects of the feminine

Headdress – 12 stars of the zodiac

Shield – heart-shaped, gentleness, passion; symbol for Venus, Goddess of love and beauty

Trees – growth, wisdom

River – feelings, nurture, emotions, life force, change

Corn – Fruitfulness, fertility

Red – passion, love

Yellow – gold, the sun

4 – The Emperor

Emperor’s posture – sitting straight, full-face image, confident, decisive, focused

Clothing – red cloth over armour, protection; ram shield symbolising Zodiac sign Aries

Red and white – in crown, white beard, red cloak: alchemy

Sceptre in right hand – yang (ankh, symbol of life)

Orb in left hand – yin

Sceptre and orb – two contrasting elements, balance

Ram – Aries, assertive power,  force, Aries rules the head, 1st sign of the Zodiac: new life

Background – bare, desolate mountains – limitations, water – little emotions

Stone throne – long-lasting, rigid

Red – colour of Aries, Mars

Yellow – Sun


To be continued….



Tarot & Astrology: Zodiac

Tarot Astrology ZodiacMost people identify astrology with the wheel of the zodiac and its twelve signs. Even those totally ignorant of astrology know their sun sign.

The term zodiac is derived from the Greek zodiacus, which means ‘little creatures’.

The zodiac is a small band of the sky, about eight degrees on either side of the ecliptic, which contains the motions of most of the planets. This band is divided into twelve 30-degree sections called signs.

The zodiac can be seen as a 12-stage life cycle:

Aries—emergence, birth of the individual

Taurus—physical security in order to grow

Gemini—urge to interact with our immediate surroundings

Cancer—sense of belonging to our immediate family

Leo—ability to express ourselves

Virgo—learning practical skills

Libra—learning about relationships and balancing our needs with others

Scorpio—our longing to share intense encounters, leading to transformation

Sagittarius—gaining a broader perspective of life

Capricorn—establishing our public image

Aquarius—group solidarity

Pisces—identification with the whole, dissolving all to allow for new birth

The zodiac signs represent specific human qualities that colour the way in which we respond to the basic urges (the planets) within us.

The twelve signs of the zodiac are each associated with a trump card of the Major Arcana and a Court Card. By getting to know each of the individual sun signs, the connection with the assigned trump and court cards will become apparent – and debatable!

Fire Signs


(March 21st – April 20th)

Characteristics: enthusiastic, dynamic, impulsive; impatient, domineering, sometimes reckless.

Tarot Cards: The Emperor, Queen of Wands


(July 23rd – August 22nd)

Characteristics: generous, self-assured, optimistic; intolerant, arrogant, autocratic.

Tarot Cards: Strength, King of Wands


(November 24th – December 21st)

Characteristics: adventurous, confident, expansive, optimistic; restless, unreliable, moralistic, insensitive.

Tarot Cards: Temperance, Knight of Wands

Water Signs


(June 22nd – July 22nd)

Characteristics: sensitive, protective, tenacious, intuitive, shrewd; fearful, touchy, clinging, manipulative.

Tarot Cards: The Chariot, Queen of Cups


(October 24th – November 23rd)

Characteristics: imaginative, deep, healing, compassionate, fearless; self-destructive, vindictive, jealous, secretive.

Tarot Cards: Death, King of Cups


(February 20th – March 20th)

Characteristics: sensitive, compassionate, impressionable, receptive; confused, overemotional, escapist

Tarot Cards: The Moon, Knight of Cups

Air Signs


(May 22nd – June 21st)

Characteristics: versatile, chatty, curious; flippant, shallow, restless.

Tarot Cards: The Lovers, Knight of Swords


(September 22nd – October 23rd)

Characteristics: fair-minded, diplomatic, perfectionist, cooperative; insincere, indecisive, frivolous.

Tarot Cards: Justice, Queen of Swords


(January 21st – February 19th)

Characteristics: independent, progressive, rational, original; impractical, erratic, cranky, detached

Tarot Cards: The Star, King of Swords

Earth Signs


(April 21st – May 21st)

Characteristics: stable, methodical, affectionate, restrained; stubborn, passive, possessive.

Tarot Card: The Hierophant, King of Pentacles


(August 23rd – September 21st)

Characteristics: efficient, dependable, practical, observant, modest; fussy, critical, narrow-minded.

Tarot Cards: The Hermit, Knight of Pentacles


(December 22nd – January 20th)

Characteristics: organised, industrious, conventional, persevering; calculating, dictatorial, manipulative, pessimistic.

Tarot Cards: The Devil, Queen of Pentacles

Zodiac Body Parts Ruled

Back to Introduction to Tarot Astrology

Would you like to learn more about Tarot Astrology? Check out my Tarot Astrology correspondence course.

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