Tarot Guidance In 4 Words

emperor tarot nova tarot guidance in 4 words
“Put your foot down.” #tarotguidancein4words – Tarot Nova

There are many fun and creative ways to connect with the tarot and develop your reading skills, and here’s a little Tarot game you can play.

Let’s play Tarot Guidance in 4 Words – #tarotguidancein4words

How it works:

Shuffle your deck and pull a card.

Come up with a meaningful message in just four words that relates to the card. It should be a phrase or sentence, not just a set of keywords.

You can also apply this reading method to spreads, and in order to demonstrate it, I have used the Celtic Cross:

  1. Present Situation – The Tower: Break down, break through.
  2. What is crossing it – King of Cups: Be kind to yourself.
  3. Heart of the Matter – The Emperor: Put your foot down.
  4. Past influences – Knight of Pentacles: Persevere despite slow progress.
  5. Attitudes and Beliefs – Seven of Swords: Watch out for dishonesty.
  6. Near Future – Three of Swords: Heal your broken heart.
  7. You as you are – Ace of Cups: Embrace love around you.
  8. How others see you – Five of Pentacles: In need of help.
  9. Advice – Two of Wands: Take a new direction.
  10. Outcome – The Empress: Create your dream life.

Have a go and see what you come up with.

Share your ideas on social media (works great on Instagram) with #tarotguidancein4words and tag me @cosmicfaery

You can also use your oracle cards #oracleguidancein4words

Let’s play and offer some guidance along the way Laughing

Warmest wishes,



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What If Cards Drawn Don’t Make Sense?

what if cards drawn don't make sense
The Star, Angel Tarot (c) Doreen Virtue 2014

I have recently started pulling a card for the week ahead again, which is a great way to practice mindfulness and focus on any issues that I may encounter.

Last Sunday I drew The Star, a positive card, and yet I had some very upsetting news this week.

When this happens, it’s easy to wonder why such a card comes up, when reality turns out to be the opposite.

If this has happened to you and left you feeling confused and thinking that the Tarot doesn’t work after all, then take another look and bear in mind the following:

1. Cards may not exactly tell you what is going to happen, but they may well advise you how to deal with the situation.

In this case, after hearing about my friend’s daughter being diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphoma, The Star is a gentle reminder to have hope and stay optimistic despite the odds.

I am hoping for a miracle, and perhaps The Star is an early indication that this will happen.

Sometimes cards make sense much later.

2. A card that doesn’t seem to make sense can also ask you to look at a situation from a different perspective.

For example, you draw The Sun for the week ahead, but during that week you lose your job.

Surely you should have drawn the Tower or any such negative card to prepare you for what’s coming, but no.

Instead, The Sun may want to tell you that what’s happened may well be a blessing in disguise. It may also suggest that you should take time out and enjoy life despite what’s happened, and now isn’t a good time to feel sorry for yourself.

3. The Tarot (or any Oracle deck) wants to make you think and go deeper.

Forget about drawing the obvious cards and getting clear answers. If it was that easy, there wouldn’t be any personal development and growth.

On reflection during and after the week has passed, you can reassess how to apply the positive aspects of the card to what has happened. You can also explore, what the card is asking you to avoid or improve.

Draw a card for the next week and see how your story continues. After a while, you may notice a pattern, repeating messages or even things falling into place.

And to do this effectively it’s so important to record your readings, so you can look back and learn to read the hidden messages of the cards.

Enjoy your weekly draws!

Warmest wishes,



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Simple But Powerful Ways To Connect With The Tarot

5 simple yet powerful ways to connect with the tarotNothing is as difficult and frustrating as trying to memorise Tarot card meanings from a book.

Since 2006, Tarot students from all over the world have worked with me to discover a better – easier – method to connect with the cards.

If you are just starting to learn the Tarot or find it hard to remember card meanings, here are my tried and tested powerful ways to connect with the Tarot without ever having to look at a book again:

1. Choose a Tarot deck that speaks to you

The best beginner’s Tarot deck is one, where all cards are fully illustrated, each image tells you a story and you find the artwork appealing.

The most famous and popular Tarot deck of all, the Rider Waite Smith (RWS), is one I do recommend, but you may prefer the Sharman-Caselli deck, which has been specifically designed with the Tarot novice in mind.

tarot decks
Left row: Universal Waite Tarot, middle: Sharman Caselli Tarot, right: Crystal Tarot. Top row: Nine of Cups, middle: Seven of Pentacles, bottom: Eight of Wands

On the image here on the right you can see both decks together with the Crystal Tarot, on which the Minor Arcana cards are illustrated with just the symbol of the suits.

Which images do you find easier to connect with? And what different stories do they tell?

2. Describe the images

Yes, this requires you to actually LOOK at the image carefully and explore the scene. Give me your first impression: is it positive, neutral or negative?

Then tell me why. What do you see? What is happening?

Go into more detail. Are there any people in the card? What are they doing? How do they look?

Notice their body language. What is the landscape like? Can you see buildings, plants, animals?

Some cards are easier to read than others. Don’t be disheartened, if you draw a blank with some of them. You will learn to read them in time. Build your confidence by focusing on the easy cards first.

3. Be the person in the card

This is a fun yet insightful way to connect with the cards. Imitate the posture of the person in a card.

Stand with open arms just like the Fool, sit like the High Priestess, kneel like the woman in the Star image – will you take it as far as being naked? Smile

You can personify the Hanged Man by doing a headstand, perhaps against a tree, or if that is too strenuous for you, lie down and lean your legs upright against a wall or a tree.

Replicate as much of the image as you can.

For example, stand by a field and look at the crops just like in the Seven of Pentacles. What goes through your mind? Harvest? Hard work? Reaping rewards? Sowing new seeds and a new cycle?

How do these postures make you feel?

Close your eyes and imagine the landscape of the card surrounding you. How does it affect your mood, dreams, ideas or imagination?

4. Connect each card with your own life experiences

The archetypal images of the Tarot live in all of us. For example, we have all been a Fool more than once in our lives, but that doesn’t necessarily mean in a bad way Laughing

The Fool Tarot of QuotesThe Fool suggests amongst other things new beginnings. This is how some of my students associate the Fool with events in their lives:

“My first day at school. I can remember being so excited.”

“When I went backpacking to South America. I was naive when I started but so much wiser when I came back.”

“My first marriage. We were too young.”

“Starting my business. I didn’t have a clue, just jumped in, and it was quite a learning curve. But I loved it.”

All these statements are short, but they tell you so much more.

By linking the cards to your life, you will find it much easier to remember their meanings, because you connect them to feelings, lessons and advice you have experienced.

5. Start A Journal

When you start exploring your Tarot deck, make notes of your observations and new discoveries about the cards. Writing things down helps your memory, too.

Be a Fool today and start your Tarot Journal by downloading my Tarot freebies.

You can add your own pages as you continue to work with the cards, and over time you will create a unique Tarot reference book full of your personal wisdom and inspiration.

By signing up to my mailing list, you will also receive more freebies in the future and learn about exciting new journalling products available soon!

6. Play with the cards every day

Even if it’s only for five or ten minutes, spending time with your cards every day will help you learn the cards more quickly.

Pull a card on an evening and make a note of it. How does it reflect the events of the day you’ve had? Or what message does it offer you for the following day?

Even if you cannot think of anything, at least you are looking at the card, begin to memorise its image and associate it with its name. Soon you can picture the images in your head without having to look at them, e.g. you will know by heart what the Six of Wands looks like.

7. Card meanings can be found in the Name

The names of the Major Arcana images all trigger some associations you have stored in your head. Quite often, Tarot novices are not aware of them. They see the name written on the card but don’t take it further.

One of my students couldn’t make sense of the Hermit. So I asked: “What is a Hermit? What does a Hermit do?”

Her answer: “It’s someone, who lives on his own. Far away from civilisation.”

We have then talked about the archetypal Hermit personality, and how it fits into our modern lives and in readings.

So, what does an Emperor do? Well, I suppose he rules and makes decisions. And what does Justice mean? It makes me think about the law, and how we associate it with objectivity, truth and fairness.

As you can see, the names of the cards already tell you a lot about their meanings, so they are worthwhile exploring further.

8. Music and Quotes

Link individual cards with songs that relate to their meanings, e.g. Don’t fear the Reaper goes well with Death, or I’m not in Love reminds me of the Five of Cups.

Find your own favourite inspirational quotes for each card and record them in your journal. I started doing that a few years ago, and in the process began creating my Tarot of Quotes.

Last but not least, if you still feel stuck connecting with the cards, consider booking a brainstorming session with me via Skype. It’s great to talk, and you will already notice the benefits after just one call.

Or check out my online beginner’s Tarot course. You will be working with me on a 1-2-1 basis, and unlike other courses available online, you will be working with me personally and not some assistant of mine or in a large forum group.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Warmest wishes,



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Fool, Tarot of QuotesThinking of enrolling on the Beginners Tarot correspondence course?


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Transform your life this year: 

Tarot Readings – Insightful guidance when you need it 
Learn Tarot – A magickal, inspirational tool for life
Tarot eBooks – Great value, innovative Tarot study material

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Tarot Astrology Course – Also Suitable For Tarot Professionals

Are you already receiving payment for your Tarot readings, but not familiar with astrological correspondences in the Tarot?

Would you like to learn how to apply Astrology to your readings offering your clients more refined and specific interpretations?

Would you like to extend the services you offer such as astrological personality profiles together with your Tarot readings?

Add value to your services by investing in yourself to learn a new skill, and rest assured you will get a return on your investment.

Astrology is very popular, and used professionally combined with Tarot has great potential for you to earn more money.

Because you will be working with me on a 1-2-1 basis rather than in an online group environment, I can adjust the course according to your current level of knowledge and reading experience. I’m flexible and respond to my students’ individual needs. I want you to succeed and earn the money back you invest in this course with the new skills you will have learned.

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Make Astrology work for you in your Tarot readings.

Starlight Blessings,



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New Online Course: Introduction To Tarot And Astrology

It’s here at last!

My latest online Tarot course will be officially launched on the 17th September 2012, when the New Moon is in Virgo, perfect time to get organised and focus on new studies to deepen and enhance your knowledge and skills.

Course Contents

You will be learning how to apply Astrology in your Tarot readings, taking your Tarot work and studies to the next level. A basic working knowledge of Tarot is required to make the most of this course.

Topics covered: Planets, Zodiac, Modal Dignities, Houses, creating Personality Profiles, Readings

Using Astrology in your Tarot work can be overwhelming and confusing at first; so many correspondences and attributions to consider, but this course will help you understand the system step-by-step and apply it to your readings.

Most importantly:

You will be working with me on a 1-2-1 basis, completing in-depth exercises, for which I will provide feedback and continuous support until you have completed the course.

I will NOT put you into a group forum, where you will be left to your own devices with fellow students.

You will be working with me via email, and getting in touch with fellow students is optional in the Tarot Study. Access to the Tarot Study is included in the course fee. The Tarot Study is also the place, where you will find additional Tarot information and downloadable worksheets specifically for the Tarot and Astrology course.

The course fee of my Tarot and Astrology course reflects the time I will be spending with you to help you complete the course and understand Astrology in connection with your Tarot work.

Fee: £99


This course is also suitable for Tarot professionals.

Find out more and enrol on the course here.


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Are You Investing In Yourself?

Yesterday I posted on my Tarot Journal blog about how important it is at this time (and any other time for that matter) to nurture and develop a healthy relationship with yourself. This includes spending time with people, who value and support you in your life, emotionally and spiritually.

Raise your self-worth and confidence by doing the things you love and learn new skills. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, you can be a beacon of light for others.

If you are in the process of learning Tarot, and you have surrounded yourself with books and other self-study materials trying to make sense of the cards and spreads, then you may be wondering, when it will finally “click” and you can do readings with confidence without having to refer to a book.

At this point you should ask yourself, why you want to learn Tarot. Is it for self-exploration? Learning about the mysteries of the cards and empower yourself with that hidden knowledge? Or would you like to earn some extra money by giving Tarot readings to the public?

If your answer is “yes” to at least one of these suggestions, then consider learning from my experience: I rediscovered Tarot in 2001 after a break from it for 15 years. I failed at my first attempt in the early 1980s (was trying to learn on my own with limited resources), but this time I stuck with it thanks to a wealth of information on the internet. However, again I studied mostly by myself, and it took me quite a while to get the hang of it.

Then I decided to join TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) and attended this wonderful organisation’s annual Tarot conferences, where my learning of the Tarot was accelerated thanks to the amazing guest speakers.

I realise today that I wasted time NOT to invest in Tarot lessons and mentoring sooner. That was a big mistake.

If you are thinking of starting your own Tarot business, then time is even more of the essence, especially if your finances are limited to keep you going until you earn an income. You need support to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to be successful and avoid mistakes that could jeopardise your business venture.

Learning with an experienced Tarot Mentor on a personal level will accelerate your comprehension of Tarot and take you quickly to where you want to be, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

Annual membership of the Tarot Study is just £35

A one-off Skype session with me from only £22 (you will be amazed about how much you learn in just 45 minutes talking with me)

Check out my Tarot eCourse for Beginners and my Tarot Astrology eCourse, where you will receive in-depth, personal 1-2-1 support via email

And if you live in Leeds, you can study with me in person.


Think about it, but don’t wait as long as I did. Right from the start, you will notice the difference between learning on your own and studying with an experienced mentor.

For me, learning never stops, and I still invest in myself today, benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the mentors, who teach and inspire me.

If you have any questions, please contact me, or start off by requesting your Tarot freebies folder.

Warmest wishes,



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