Strength in the Tarot of Quotes

Strength Tarot of QuotesThe lion on the image is guarding the entrance to a pub in a little village close to Hadrian’s Wall.

His posture is composed, dignified, serious and dutiful. In typical Leo fashion (Strength is linked to the zodiac sign Leo), his presence is making quite an impact in that position. He’s the first “thing” you notice when you approach the pub.

The lion symbolises the essence of Strength; despite his powerful physical strength, his self-discipline and control is taming the wild beast (desires) within. This lion isn’t pouncing at you any time soon!

The flowers in the tub next to the lion symbolise feminine energies as a balancing influence:

  • assertiveness (rather than aggression)
  • gentle persuasion (rather than oppressive dogma)
  • patience (rather than agitation)
  • compassion (rather than cruelty)

In a reading, Strength can indicate the need to control impulses and desires – not by force but with conviction and determination. It can also advise to draw upon your inner calm and persistence in difficult situations, facing fears and adversity with the courage and confidence to overcome them.

Other keywords: stamina, endurance, perseverance, kindness despite tension or conflict (with yourself and others), self-mastery, willpower

Negative meanings include: weakness, self-doubt, low self-esteem, over-emotional, lack of self-discipline

Astrologically, Leo is ruled by the Sun, which symbolises the Self and the Ego. Therefore, Strength may also ask you to explore how you can practice more self-care or, on the other hand, how you can become less selfish or self-absorbed.

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