Magickal Graphic Design

graphic design servicesI love creating images – turning photographs into something magickal, beautiful, dreamy and unique.

It takes time and skill to create memorable images, so let me help you enhance your website, blog or ebooks with my stunning illustrations, banners, logos etc.

Or you can even turn a photo of you or a loved one into a personalised Tarot card! (scroll down to end of page for more info and introductory offer).

My basic graphic design services include:

  • one custom image created from my own photography or a photo you provide
  • two revisions

for just £10

(introductory offer)

Format: .jpeg, .png (any other format, please ask)

Size: your specification, depending on requirement (e.g. Facebook banner, time line, square logo, ad banner, wallpaper, postcard, Instagram etc.)

Colour: full colour, black/white, pop art, vintage, sepia, cartoon, watercolour… possibilities are endless and your choice

Content: landscape, objects, people, animals, plants, text, even a photo of you … it’s your call. But please note that I won’t create any images containing pornography, violence or anything else I feel is offensive.

Timescale: usually within 3 – 4 working days

graphic design serviceI will create your custom image to match the style and content of your website, blog, ebook, etc.

Additional services and package deals are available as detailed below.

Please contact me before you buy this service to discuss your requirements (contact form below).


1. Basic Graphic Design service for one image – £10


2. One further revision – £5


3. One custom image in three sizes (custom, logo, banner or ebook) – £15



4. Basic Graphics Design service for three images – £27

If you need more than three images, please let me know, so I can send you a custom quote.


Page of Wands Tarot Card – £15 

(introductory offer)

A great gift idea or special treat for yourself.

Email me your photo or that of your loved one, and I will turn it into a personalised Tarot card complete with quote.

The style and quote I choose for the card will reflect the energy I feel reflected from the image.

It will be a bit like a mini reading for the person present on the card (hence slightly more expensive than the basic design service).

If possible, please provide date of birth of the person on the photo.


Browse my website to see all the images I have created so far. Download a magickal desktop wallpaper for FREE.

It takes oodles of time to create striking and memorable images that will attract visitors to your website and readers for your ebooks.

Just £10 for the basic design package will save you hours of work, if you haven’t done this before and need to familiarise yourself with the various software packages available.

I look forward to hearing from you and would be thrilled to create those special and unique images you need for your projects.


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