Seasons Greetings – Recommended Tarot Goodies

Three of Cups, Snowland Tarot (C) Ron & Janet Boyer

Not long to go until we can celebrate the return of longer days on the Winter Solstice and get all festive and over-indulgent over the Christmas holidays.

In the spirit of the season, I’d love to share some fabulous Tarot goodies with you.

First of all, the image you can see here is from the Snowland Tarot deck.

I love this card! Can you see the fart bubbles on the water behind one of the monkeys? What do they suggest to you? 😀

My Tarot Moon Journal 2014 is now available to download. It’s a practical workbook for you to use throughout the new year, and in addition I can recommend Jordan Hoggard’s Area 52 ebook, your ultimate Tarotscope companion for 2014!

I love the advice Jordan offers for the 1 January “Make today feel like a really long day in all the right ways”. Yes!

And the weekly words of wisdom are ingenious; for the first week in January it’s “quench”. You will have a whole year of fun and inspiration with Area 52.

If you would like to use your Tarot cards in more creative ways, take a look at the Tarot Activity Book by Andy Matzner.

I’ve only received this book today and must say its wealth of innovative activities and exercises is impressive. I’m really looking forward to taking time out over the holidays to try some of them.

Last but not least, here is my little gift to you, a seasonal Tarot spread. Click on the link to download the PDF journaling sheet:

Gifts of the Season Tarot Spread

Wishing you a relaxing and peaceful winter holiday season!


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Author: Christiane

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6 thoughts on “Seasons Greetings – Recommended Tarot Goodies”

  1. Christiane,

    LOVED the Boyer Three of Cups Snowland Tarot card that you featured. SOOO cute!!! 😉

    And Thank You for the Gifts of the Season spread.

    Bless You and enjoyyyyyy ending 2013 and beginning 2014.


  2. Thank yo so much for recommending AREA 52, Christiane! Many thanks!

    And, speaking to those fart bubble in the card… I’d say these 3 are celebrating, and as the one on the right relaxes and isn’t trying to hold it all together some tension was relieved in the celebration for further relaxing into celebration.

    1. You’re welcome, Jordan! I love using Area 52 for my daily inspiration. And I thought it was a hoot that you sent the 15th January temporarily to the Twilight zone…thanks for sending a revised edition with today safely returned to our dimension 🙂
      Lol, I like your observation about not trying to hold it all together when the 3/Cups turns up 😉

      1. You’re welcome, Christiane! I laughed when I found Jan 15th with “OH, sooooo is there anything besides the Full Moon on the 16th in GMT going on on the 15th?” lol 🙂 Thanks on my observation. Seemed to be one of those not-things that I usually find better left out, though it struck me as important in this case to express more of the breadth in the card image… or lol “expansion” as it were.

        1. Lol “expansion” is another good keyword for the 3/Cups. Enjoying fun time with friends may well lead to “expanding” one’s horizon or anything else for that matter hehe 🙂

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