Personalised Tarot Cards Competition – The Winners

Queen Of Wands, personalised Tarot card
Eva, Queen of Wands (c) 2013
Image used with permission

A few weeks ago I came up with the idea to create personalised Tarot cards and decided to run a competition.

I’ve been turning my own photography into Tarot cards for ages, so I wanted to offer three lucky winners the opportunity to have their favourite photo turned into a magickal Tarot image.

And here are the winners:

1. Eva

2. Angela

3. Sibylle

Congratulations, ladies! Smile

One photo has already been transformed (see image), and I will be working on the other two this week.

I am so delighted with the response I received to my first ever competition, and grateful to everyone, who posted their entries and supported me this way.

Thank you so much!

Warmest wishes,



PS: You can take a look at Sibylle’s card on her blog the Hag’s Den Smile


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2 thoughts on “Personalised Tarot Cards Competition – The Winners”

  1. Christiane, your tarotized image of Eva is wonderful! Beautiful energy.
    I’m so happy to also be a winner and I apologize again for sending in my pic so late….
    Thank You for Who You Are Being and all that you do….

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