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Tarot deck collectionThere are so many beautiful Tarot decks available today, we are all spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting a deck that speaks to us.

My deck collection has grown over the years to a reasonable 50, and gradually more are added when I discover a deck I cannot resist.

But despite owning some real gems, I hardly read with them. I like the familiarity of my trusted decks, others are seasonal (like the Halloween Tarot or the Snowland deck), and some decks are for fun, such as the Housewives Tarot.

The Lord of the Rings Tarot is a fabulous deck except for the Fool card, which depicts Gollum rather than Frodo. Just one card can put me off a whole deck, even though it’s otherwise brilliantly executed. Tarot readers can be highly strung sometimes! Smile

Here are the decks I not only love but also use on a regular basis:

Universal Waite Tarot1. The Universal Waite Tarot

The most famous and recognised Tarot deck on the planet. Created by Golden Dawn member Arthur E. Waite and artist Pamela Coleman Smith, this deck should be in every Tarot Reader’s collection. It is available in many different editions (including a radiant one), but this recoloured version by Mary Hanson-Roberts is at the top of my list.

Pamela Colman Smith Commemorative Set2. The Original Rider Waite Tarot

If you prefer the original artwork of the Rider Waite Smith (RWS) Tarot, then you will be delighted with this commemorative set celebrating the life and art of Pamela Coleman-Smith. In addition to the deck, it also contains two books, postcard size art prints and an organza Tarot bag.

Morgan Greer Tarot3. The Morgan Greer Tarot

The first borderless deck I came across ten years ago; loving the rich colours and hippy 70s feel – long hair and moustaches abound Laughing. I own the Spanish edition, but it is available in English, too.

Sharman Caselli Tarot4. The Sharman Caselli Tarot

An excellent beginner’s deck, the images are clear and simple without the clutter of too much symbolism. The artwork is timeless and enchanting. This deck was the only one I used for three years when it was first published in 2002, and even today it serves me well for many of my client readings.

Cosmic Tarot5. The Cosmic Tarot

The images of this dazzling deck are stylish and contemporary. It was first published in 1988, and I’ve got a first edition copy printed in Germany, but nowadays it comes from US Games. I love using these cards to gain a different perspective, as a lot of the images are non-traditional.

Rosetta Tarot6. The Rosetta Tarot

A great alternative to Crowley’s Thoth Tarot, this deck is based on the Thoth images created by Lady Frieda Harris but with a contemporary twist. I like to use it for Tarot Magick and the planetary spread. Find out more in my review.

Bohemian Gothic Tarot7. The Bohemian Gothic Tarot

A dark deck, my favourite for shadow readings. With this deck, the truth hurts. The Victorian images are subtly dark, creepy, alarming at times, with some sinister characters, including vampires and demons. A thrilling deck for an old Goth at heart like me!

Sirian Starseed Tarot8. The Sirian Starseed Tarot

A very New Age visionary deck with large, glossy cards and non-traditional suits and images. Each card is a deeply spiritual message from the universe. My first choice for meditative and empowering readings. Find out more about this deck in my review.

Angel Tarot Cards Doreen Virtue9. Angel Tarot Cards

Some people describe Doreen Virtue’s first Tarot deck as fluffy and lame, but I think it’s a wonderful deck to encourage positive thinking and emotional healing.

What are your working decks you cannot be without?

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8 thoughts on “Favourite Tarot Decks”

  1. My favorite deck is the guilded tarot because of the colors that represent the suits. It came with the book easy tarot in which I am learning how to do a reading for myself. It is an easier method as they show how that the cards have enough meaning you do not have to use them reversed if you do not want.used to have a rider waite deck hosts so and a French Marseilles deck, but those for lost during a move. I. love the site. Keep up the fantastic work.


    1. Thank you, Larry! Great to see you here 😉 Yes, the Gilded Tarot is a very popular deck. It’s not in my collection, but I’m considering it 😉

  2. The sharman caselli tarot is uncomplicated and its imagery soothing. There are days when i find d rider waite ‘heavy’. Thats when i choose the sharman caseilli. Another favorite is the mythic tarot. I especially like d empress n high priestess n temperance thought i would not call d deck soothing. I agree with you tht doreen virtues tarot deck is very gentle n healing. Also very easy to read since all you have to do is literally read the meanings printed on d cards so highly recommended for d novices.

    1. Yes, I agree with you about the Sharman Caselli – sometimes less is more. It’s the first deck that helped me “click” with the Tarot. The Mythic is an interesting deck based on Greek mythology. I’m interested to see the new, updated version by the same artist, who created the Sharman-Caselli. And yes, what else can I say about Virtue’s Tarot deck? Great for beginners, who need a prompt on the card to get going 🙂

  3. I am also another who really appreciates Doreen Virtue as a taroist. I think she is underrated as a reader. She reads very well and the Angel Tarot is a really good set for readers of all abilities. I put my own review of it here – http://princelenormand.wordpress.com/new-review-the-angel-tarot/

    My own favourite at the moment is The Tarot of the Hidden Realm, but like you, I also use the Original Rider and Morgan Greer a lot. The Sharman Caselli is also underrated – the manual and workbooks which accompany it are fantastic.

    1. The Angel Tarot is underrated, because it was yet another deck Virtue added to her vast array of oracle decks. Sometimes the sheer quantity can be overwhelming, and some of her decks are better than others.
      The Sharman Caselli is underrated, because it has sadly been printed on cheap card stock, and I heard some people received decks containing faulty and shoddy prints, which is a shame.
      Although the Tarot of the Hidden Realm sounds interesting, so far I have resisted temptation to buy yet another deck 😉
      Your Angel Tarot review is fabulous – thank you for posting a link.

  4. Wonderful and nicely varied cards-for-reading selection. I like the idea of using them for different purposes that go with the theme. Universal Waite is one of my standards, along with the Robin Wood. I need to look into the Morgan-Greer, though, and I didn’t know anyone had done a close-redo of the Thoth. That one looks totally fascinating!

    It really is evil of you to tease us like this….;)

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