The Journey Oracle Review

Journey Oracle, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.
The Journey Oracle, © 2011 Adrienne Trafford, Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

This review of the Journey Oracle by Adrienne Trafford was first published in the Spring 2012 edition of the TABI e-zine.

The Journey Oracle is a set of 46 colourful cards packaged in an attractive hinged keepsake box together with a small instruction booklet. The cards measure 115mm x 70 mm and are printed on glossy card stock.

Before I started reading about the cards in the booklet, I decided to spread them out and let them speak to me. First I noticed that virtually all cards depicted women, mostly with auburn hair (hardly a blonde in sight!). I find the artwork and style quite girly. Each card contains a keyword, such as Hope, Passion and Loss, which are self-explanatory, but there is also a set of Queens (Queen of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, Queen of Spades, Queen of Clubs) as well as personality types, such as the Adventurer, the Vampire and the Puppet. From the description of the Queens in the booklet it is possible to relate them to the four Tarot queens, e.g. Hearts (Cups), Diamonds (Wands), Spades (Swords), Clubs (Pentacles), so for Tarotists this will be easy to remember.

You may notice by now that there is hardly any structure to this deck. It even contains four cards with a landscape layout, with the keywords Desire, The Guardian, Eternity and The Goddess. It’s all very random in my opinion, but does a “life path” deck need to be structured? The author explains in the booklet that she started creating the images, when she found herself at a crossroads, and her journey ahead was along a rocky, uncertain road. This may explain the somewhat melancholy feel of the cards, and perhaps we can conclude from this that life can be quite random at times, without structure and not making much sense.

So how do you read with this deck?

The author suggests picking just one card for guidance, but you can also choose a standard Tarot card spread, such as a 3-card past/present/future layout. Keeping it simple is the best option with this deck, as it will give clear, concise and straight-forward messages.

Does this deck give accurate readings?

I have pulled a card each day over a week and found that I could relate to all of them in some way. A 3-card past/present/future reading was also quite revealing and described accurately the issue I was addressing. When I used the deck for friends, they also related well to the issues that were addressed.

Overall, the Journey Oracle is a delightful, feminine deck that offers insightful readings. It’s simple but effective; there’s no need to study the explanatory booklet in detail before starting to use them, and there’s no need for large, complicated spreads.  From my experience so far with this deck, it will offer meaningful messages and guidance on any issue.

Schiffer Publishing Ltd, ISBN 978-0-7643-3783-3

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Doom, Gloom and Temperance

TemperanceWe live in a world, where scaremongering dominates the media, and everybody thinks we’re living in dangerous, uncertain times.

Well, to be honest, people have ALWAYS lived in precarious times, from the Stone Age to the present.

That won’t change until mankind is extinct, but we can make an effort and cultivate a more balanced world view.

If you are a natural worrier and pessimist, the following short story, which has been attributed to the Native American Cherokee Indians, is wonderfully insightful, and it reminds me of the “Art of Temperance”:

The story is about a boy who tells his grandfather that he is feeling very angry and upset.

The grandfather explains to the boy that he too sometimes feels angry but also he often feels very happy.

The grandfather says it is as if there are two wolves battling inside him.

One is very angry, aggressive and acts out of fear. This wolf wants to fight all the time.

The other wolf is happy, playful, and only wants to make friends and live in peace. But the two wolves are constantly battling inside.

The little boy asks: which wolf wins? And the grandfather replies: ‘the one I feed’.

We can’t deny that there’s a lot of bad stuff going on in the world, but life is also beautiful.

Which wolf are you feeding today?

Using Tarot as a Tool for Personal Transformation:

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Nine of Cups Contentment – A Quick Meditation

nine of cups contentment meditation“Fame or integrity: which is more important?
Money or happiness: which is more valuable?

Success or failure: which is more destructive?
If you look to others for fulfilment, you will never truly be fulfilled.

If your happiness depends on money, you will never be happy with yourself.
Be content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are.

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”

– Lao Tzu

The Nine of Cups in Tarot suggests happy times, joy and contentment. In a material world, we sometimes need to remind ourselves that emotional well-being doesn’t necessarily depend on the acquisition of things, but on the enjoyment of simple pleasures around us.

Here’s a little visualisation to help you feel more content:

1. Sit in a comfortable position and close your eyes. Consider the word “contentment”. What does it mean to you? What thoughts and feelings does it evoke in you?

2. Recall a moment or time when you felt truly contented; perhaps when you were lying on a beach, pursued your favourite hobby or spent time with loved ones. Imagine yourself in that moment now, allowing the warm and positive feeling of contentment to fill your mind and body.

3. Now bring that sense of contentment into the present moment and let it linger for as long as you can.

I hope you find this simple meditation useful.

Warmest Wishes,



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Tarot of Quotes: The Devil

The Devil Tarot of QuotesThe latest addition to my Tarot of Quotes deck is the Devil.

Here we see a demon-like creature trapped behind metal bars. With a little effort, he could escape through the gap of the spikes.

The creature isn’t a particularly pretty one to look at. The idea behind this is that dependency, negative thinking, self-sabotage, complacency, apathy and materialism can suppress our potential, soulful purpose and indeed true beauty on a spiritual level. This isn’t about physical beauty; the most attractive person can be emotionally and spiritually empty and shallow; the physical beauty hiding an ugly soul lacking spirit.

Here we see the reverse; a creature, ugly on the outside, whose inner beauty needs to be revealed and shine.

The Devil reminds us that we can easily become slaves and trapped in a situation we’d rather not be in but are too complacent or even comfortable to leave behind. This can be a relationship you put up with, because a split would be too much of an upheaval on a material level, or you stay “because of the kids”.

You could be stuck in a job that bores your brains out, or doesn’t offer you the career progression you deserve, but you stay, because it pays your bills and perhaps even provides you with the material luxuries you think you cannot live without.

Maybe you are addicted to something – alcohol, drugs, sex, food – are obsessed with someone or something, and on top of it with negative thoughts like “I can’t…” and “It’s impossible…” you put even more obstacles in your way.

Over time, this situation can make you look somewhat unattractive; you smile less, look stressed, worn out, depressed…It happens gradually over time, and you may not realise it.

When this card comes up in a reading, you need to acknowledge that you let your inner Devil take over your life, and now it’s time to regain control and momentum to escape from your trap and move on into a new direction.

How do you do that?

You need to be aware that it can be uncomfortable, painful and an upheaval, but as long as you are clear about what you really want, then you can develop the determination and endurance to persevere along your new path ahead.

Start saying “I can…” and “I will…”.

When you can say “Whatever happens, it will be worth it”, you are on your way to a new adventure.

Life should be fun and an adventure. And making you feel more alive, it needs to be a little risky at times, don’t you think?  Wink

Where do you feel trapped in your life right now? What are the reasons? What negative thoughts are holding you back?  

Warmest wishes,



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Tarot Numerology

Tarot NumerologyThe prominent 19th century occultist and Golden Dawn Member S. L. MacGregor Mathers wrote about the significance of numbers in an ordinary card deck in his essay The Tarot, published in 1888:

It has been long known that the ordinary 52 card pack was susceptible of some peculiar numerical significations, e.g.: 

52 Cards in the pack, suggest 52 weeks in the year.

13 Cards in each suit, suggest 13 lunar months in the year, 13 weeks in the quarter.

4 suits in the pack, suggest 4 seasons in the year.

12 Picture Cards in the pack, suggest 12 months in the year, 12 signs of the Zodiac

Furthermore, if we add together:

The pips on the plain cards of the four suits = 220

The pips on the 12 Picture Cards = 12

Twelve Picture Cards reckoned as 10 each = 120

The number of cards in each suit = 13

We shall obtain the number of days in the year = 365

But concealed behind their apparently arbitrary and bizarre designs, the Tarot Cards contain a far more complicated system of recondite symbolism.

We find the number ten multiplied by the mystical number four, and combined with a primitive hieroglyphic alphabet of twenty-two letters.”

Before we look at the deeper meanings of numbers in Tarot, it is worthwhile noting that the esoteric science of numbers, arithmology, was first developed by the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras (c. 570 – 495 B.C.).

In the centuries that followed, his teachings were passed on over generations in Europe and the middle East, mainly within secret societies, which were formed due to political unrest and upheaval.

When occult groups such as the Freemasons, became interested in Tarot from the late 17th century onwards, it seems logical that arithmology would be gradually embedded into the Tarot.

Today, the meanings of numbers in the Tarot are still based on the teachings of Pythagoras.

However, you will find that changes have been made to the card sequences in various decks, which follow different traditions.

Here is an overview of the significance of numbers:


Pythagoras Numerology and Tarot


A mystical symbol, not a number. Mathematically and philosophically Zero represents nothing and everything, the two infinite ends of the finite, neither of which is physically attainable. God force; the force before entering into manifestation.

In Tarot: The Fool. In some decks the Fool is numbered 22—see below.



Root of all numbers, unity, principle of all things, indivisible

Gender: male and female (containing the odd and even)

Time: The present now

Positive Attributes: Essence; beyond all knowledge

Negative Attributes: chaos, confusion, obscurity, darkness; ambiguous

Mind of Man: Intellect (source of all ideas)


Divine spark, male principle.

The number One represents ambition and courage; associated with the sun.

In Tarot: Aces/One—Potential, gift, spark, ideas, beginnings; births; initiation, opening, opportunity, starting point. Concentration of will; mindfulness, intention, commencement, focus.

The Magician – male principle; new beginnings and potential as suggested by the four suit symbols on his altar.




First increase; first change from unity; indefinite.

Gender: First female

Time: night and day as a twofold aspect

Positive attributes: power, summit, patience, harmony, root

Negative: strife, falsehood, ignorance, defeat


Differentiation; female principle.

The number Two represents emotions and harmony.

In Tarot: Personality, feelings; reflection; duality; opposites. Striving for balance; subconscious. Passivity, choice, intuition, inner guidance.

The High Priestess – female principle.




First odd, first number to be called multitude; cause of plurality of numbers; allows power of monad to proceed into energy and extension

Gender: the first male number

Time: Past-Present-Future as a threefold measure of time

Positive Attributes: harmony, good counsel

Mind of Man: Intellect, intelligence, knowledge


Manifestation; holy trinity of wisdom, love and truth.

The number Three represents creativity, joy and expansion; associated with the planet Jupiter.

In Tarot: Manifestation, foundation, affection, understanding, harmony, beauty, integration, combination, fecundity, growth. Unfolding; co-operation.

The Empress.




First square number among even; second even number

Gender: Female in first extension; to open and shut the recesses of generation

Time: the four seasons

Positive Attributes: Fountain of natural effects; keybearer of nature

Mind of Man: the fourfold division of Man in terms of soul, body, desire


The Earth; four seasons, four elements; four holy creatures guarding the throne of god (human/air, eagle/water, lion/fire, bull/earth – see Tarot cards Wheel of Fortune, The World).

Will, discipline, construction; associated with planet Uranus.

In Tarot: Grounding, focus inward on self, stasis, boredom, stability, order, completion, turning point. Reason, consolidation; assessment of needs; organisation, establishment.

The Emperor.




First number to combine odd and even; second odd number; privation of strife (as a number uniting 3 + 2)

Gender: Male (as odd); male and female (as 3 + 2)

Positive: Justice

Negative: Vengeance

Humanity. Freedom, mental dexterity, communication; fruitfulness and new learning.

Associated with the planet Mercury.

In Tarot: Challenge, strife, struggle, conflict. Breakdown. Chaos, upheaval, stress. Disturbance, anger, loss (of temper, feelings, security or integrity).

The Hierophant – authority, education, dogma, structure; potential for rebellion.




First perfect number. Gender: Female (as even)

Time: Regeneration (which occurs after 6 x 6 x 6 years)

Positive attributes: harmony, perfection of parts, benevolence, peace, principle

Mind of man: Truth; only number adapted to the soul of Man

Beauty; creation and perfection.

The number Six represents love, wisdom and responsibility; associated with the planet Venus.

In Tarot: Advancement, reciprocation, sharing, contemplation. Exuberance; co-operation, choice;

The Lovers – responsibility.




Only number in decad that did not arise from any union and does not unite with anything.

Gender: Male (as odd)Time: The lunar cycle as four sets of seven days

Positive Attribute: Veneration

Mind of Man: Dream (vision)

Perfect order.

The number Seven is the highest mystical and sacred number; it represents life, higher learning, spirituality and contemplation.

Associated with the planet Neptune.

Male magic (based on anatomy—7 orifices)

In Tarot: Movement, mastery, struggle, new direction, inner growth, self-reflection; discipline, restraint, self-expression, independent action, foresight, indecision.

The Chariot.




First cube number among even; first cube of energy

Gender: Female (as fourth even number)

Time: One third of a day; the day divided into 8 + 8 + 8 hours; the eighth day as rejuvenation, or regeneration of the cycle of seven days

Strength; divine law, authority, materialism; associated with the planet Saturn.

The figure of Eight is a symbol of spiralling motion of the creative forces, also representing karmic justice ‘as above, so below’.

Female magic (based on anatomy—8 orifices)

In Tarot: Energy, thrust, evolution, movement, inspiration, restrictions, evaluating, prioritising, persistence, resilience, expansion.

In the RWS tradition: Justice.

In the Marseille/Crowley tradition: Strength.




First square number among odd numbers; the number which flows around the other numbers within the decad like the ocean around the earth; the first triangular number (3 x 3)

Gender: doubly masculine (as odd and as the first odd square)

Time: the nine months of gestation

Positive Attributes: concord, freedom from strife


Completeness; end of a cycle; the beginning and the end.

The number Nine represents unconditional service and action.

Associated with the planet Mars.

In Tarot: Solitude, gestation, self-reliance, isolation, integration, experience. Fulfilment, peak, self-awareness, narrow-mindedness, inflexible.

The Hermit.




Contains in itself both even and odd

Gender: containing both male and female

Positive Attributes: strength (ruling over all other numbers), faith, necessity

Mind of Man: Memory (as mental calculation)

Perfection through completeness; return to unity, accomplishment of purpose. Transformation.

In Tarot: Completion of a cycle; endings and beginnings, result, regeneration, release, responsibility, consolidation; new direction or re-commitment; purpose.

The Wheel of Fortune.


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Are You Investing In Yourself?

Yesterday I posted on my Tarot Journal blog about how important it is at this time (and any other time for that matter) to nurture and develop a healthy relationship with yourself. This includes spending time with people, who value and support you in your life, emotionally and spiritually.

Raise your self-worth and confidence by doing the things you love and learn new skills. When you feel comfortable in your own skin, you can be a beacon of light for others.

If you are in the process of learning Tarot, and you have surrounded yourself with books and other self-study materials trying to make sense of the cards and spreads, then you may be wondering, when it will finally “click” and you can do readings with confidence without having to refer to a book.

At this point you should ask yourself, why you want to learn Tarot. Is it for self-exploration? Learning about the mysteries of the cards and empower yourself with that hidden knowledge? Or would you like to earn some extra money by giving Tarot readings to the public?

If your answer is “yes” to at least one of these suggestions, then consider learning from my experience: I rediscovered Tarot in 2001 after a break from it for 15 years. I failed at my first attempt in the early 1980s (was trying to learn on my own with limited resources), but this time I stuck with it thanks to a wealth of information on the internet. However, again I studied mostly by myself, and it took me quite a while to get the hang of it.

Then I decided to join TABI (Tarot Association of the British Isles) and attended this wonderful organisation’s annual Tarot conferences, where my learning of the Tarot was accelerated thanks to the amazing guest speakers.

I realise today that I wasted time NOT to invest in Tarot lessons and mentoring sooner. That was a big mistake.

If you are thinking of starting your own Tarot business, then time is even more of the essence, especially if your finances are limited to keep you going until you earn an income. You need support to help you gain the skills and confidence you need to be successful and avoid mistakes that could jeopardise your business venture.

Learning with an experienced Tarot Mentor on a personal level will accelerate your comprehension of Tarot and take you quickly to where you want to be, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

Annual membership of the Tarot Study is just £35

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Think about it, but don’t wait as long as I did. Right from the start, you will notice the difference between learning on your own and studying with an experienced mentor.

For me, learning never stops, and I still invest in myself today, benefiting from the knowledge and experience of the mentors, who teach and inspire me.

If you have any questions, please contact me, or start off by requesting your Tarot freebies folder.

Warmest wishes,



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New Beginnings

New Beginnings - The Fool Tarot of QuotesIt’s all new here at Cosmic Faery’s Tarot!


New beginnings indeed!


My old website has been transferred to this shiny new WordPress blog. More changes will come, and plenty of new Tarot services and information.

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