Justice in the Tarot of Quotes

Justice Tarot of QuotesOn the 22 June 1990, leading politicians from the US, UK, Soviet Union, France and Germany gathered in Berlin to celebrate the end of the Cold War between East and West.

On the image you can see the removal of the Checkpoint Charlie hut (precariously balancing above people’s heads!) and the permanent opening of the border (view the original photo at the end of this post below).

After so many years of division, communist oppression and isolation, Justice has finally prevailed and balance restored.

We all have different ideas about what Justice means; some favour the emotional notion “an eye for an eye”, others prefer fairness based on detached but careful consideration and cooperation, as expressed in the quote by the 34th US President Eisenhower.

Justice in the Tarot isn’t suggesting an eye for an eye. Linked to the zodiac sign Libra, it stands for objectivity, fairness, honesty and balance.

In a reading, Justice can also indicate legal matters, the need to be emotionally detached to make fair decisions, considering all sides of an argument with an open mind and personal integrity.

Sometimes Justice can also indicate that life isn’t always fair, and it can take a long time for Justice to prevail – patience is required.

There may also be a need to be true to yourself, do what you think is right, even if you stand alone and face intimidating opposition.

Questions to ask, when Justice is drawn:

How can you create balance in your life? Do you need to detach yourself from emotions in order to resolve current issues? What decisions do you need to make, and how do you weigh up their pros and cons? 

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Checkpoint Charlie 1990

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