The Cosmic Faery Tarot Deck

cosmic faery tarot deckThe Cosmic Faery Tarot isn’t about whimsical fairies and other fantasy figures frolicking amidst flowers and trees; it’s about how I observe the world around me and the magick I see in the ordinary.

All photography is my own – images of my home, the area where I live and the places I visit on my travels.

Look closely and see how the Tarot is reflected in the mundane and everyday objects and surroundings we take for granted.

I am pleased to offer a special edition of the Major Arcana of my deck, which consists of 24 cards (two bonus cards).

The Minor Arcana (including the court cards) is in the process of being completed, and it will be available separately, so you can add it to your deck rather than having to buy the 79-card edition at a higher price (which will only include one bonus card).

The Cosmic Faery Tarot is based on the Tarot of Quotes, but I have decided to exclude the quotes and change some of the images.

Size of the cards: 70 mm x 120 mm

Take a look at all the Major Arcana cards here:

Learn more about the bonus cards, the Cosmic Cat and Happy Bunny.

How to buy the Cosmic Faery Tarot Major Arcana special edition:

Price: £19 

Price includes shipping and tracking worldwide

Terms & Conditions:

The deck will be printed on demand and once it has entered the production process, I can no longer stop the order from being sent. This means at this stage you can no longer cancel the order.




Delivery time to Europe and USA is approximately 18 days, to Australia and New Zealand approx. 28 days.

Buy the Cosmic Faery Tarot Major Arcana with the Cosmic Journaling Oracle:

cosmic faery journalingThe Cosmic Journaling Oracle has been designed to complement my tarot deck. Buy them together to save on postage (limited offer):

Price: £35

Price includes shipping and tracking worldwide. Terms & Conditions and delivery times as above.




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